So Much to Write, So Hard to Formulate

The more i think and deliberate about life, the more interesting it gets and the more boring it sounds. Yea, even to me. So in a way Noga is right when she complains that my blog is boring. Although on this particular matter i think that she’s more disappointed about my political persuasion rather than bored, but it’s not very important.

Something is wrong with my life. I’m totally humanist and irreligous, and i’m quite sure about staying that way, but i love religious people, support their political cause and even learn some Torah. I love my University studies, but i flunked most of the courses in the last semester. I have a good job and i don’t have anything bad to say about it, which feels too weird any way you look at it. I have a wonderful girlfriend and our relationship is unbelievable, but still i fear that it might disappear one day out of the blue. I’m endlessly optimistic and i invest my hard-earned money in the stock exchange and even see profits, but i think that my country, including its economy, is on the expressway to hell. I think philosophically about the world, and understand more and more that living proper life is really very easy – it’s just a matter of power of will. Which just happens to be the most dear and expensive commodity in the universe.

I could be a (probably lousy) philosopher, writer and linguist, but i’m just a lousy engineer.

Me Me Me. What about some other people? What do i know.


2 thoughts on “So Much to Write, So Hard to Formulate

  1. A recipe for Watermelon Slurpee:

    5 cups watermelon, cut into pieces.
    Juice from 1 lemon
    2 tsp Sugar

    Puree the watermelob into slush, add lemon juice and suger, and blend well. Freeze. Take out of the freezer a few hours later and blend again to make the slurpee.

    * Add a little vodka
    * Freeze in an empty bottle, so you can take it to the beach with you! For the slurpee effect, just bang the bottle about a bit.

    Tell me how it went – that’ll be interesting :)

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