My Political Compass, part 2

I went over some old entries out of boredom and found that i wrote about my political compass once. So – the site has a new location, some of my views changed and it seems that some questions on the test itself changed too so here it is again. Moreover, i finally bothered to look up the word “protectionism” in the dictionary, which changed my answer completely – i thought that it is something like what’s going on in Fascist economy, where the government cooperates with certain monopolies for the sake of empowering the state, but actually it means “advocating of government economic protection for domestic producers through restrictions on foreign competitors”, which IMHO is really not bad sometimes.

Anyway, my new rating is:
Economic Left/Right: -2.50 (was -2.75)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.10 (was -3.13)

So, am i moving towards the authoritarian/fascist right or towards the center? I have to admit that all the Gush-Katif matters made me respect religious morals and other kinds of unexplainable crap more than earlier, which, i guess, makes me more fascist, too. At least i’m honest with myself. Then, reading Lawrence Lessig’s “Free Culture” should have made me more libertarian, but working at NDS probably balanced it.

Anyway, i don’t feel good about it. Why do i support certain religious issues (abortion, moral education, Land of Israel) even though i’m not religious myself and even though empiric evidence shows that religion is little more than a bunch of superstitions based on some old (albeit sometimes wonderful) books? Is it because it makes life more interesting and full of unexplained surprises? Is it because it gives a shadow of identity, which is not less human than compassion? Or is it because i’m just an outright stupid hateful conservative redneck? Some dissonance.


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