Remember Those Things

The Kfar-Adumim ordeal belongs to history.

But the whole matter made Hadar decide that she wants to live in a village. Not a city, not a suburb – a village, moshav.

She drove around Jerusalem a lot to find the right place. I joined her when i was not at work. We tried Ora, Aminadav and Even-Sapir, where nothing satisfied her; then we went further to Zur-Hadasa, which i liked, but to her it looked too suburban, although it took her a few hours to realize what exactly is wrong about it. I applaud her disagreement with the common standards of quality of life – what’s even more important is how naturally it comes to her. Then we made a quick drive to Tekoa, a settlement in Gush-Etzion, a place she loved much more – it looked like a real village and the people were charming (it made her understand how wrongly they are portrayed in the media). She was a little afraid of all those Arab villages on the road and i can’t blame her, but it was not the thing that made her decide against the place. We just didn’t have time to look for apartments, as it was a Friday and the sun was almost down. We did decide to return on Sunday and actually look for apartments.

Anyway, before we checked out Tekoa again, Hadar found Giv’at-Yearim, a village near Mevasseret-Zion, which is not on the “territories”. There was simply nothing to hold against it: the apartment and the price and the village were all great and we took it.

So for the following year i won’t break the international law be a Zionist pioneer settler afterall. At least Daniel can hate me a little less now.


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