Day Two

The car i got is a Renault Mégane Sport Saloon. It doesn’t need a key to ignite, i just have to press a button. O tempora, o mores. Hadar volunteered to help me survive the first few days by riding with me, even though she’ll have to walk some distance to the U. Driving alone is still frightening. I had a particularly scary moment when i exited the underground parking – i thought that the gates would open automatically, but they didn’t. It took me a few very long seconds with a car behind me to understand that i need to unlock the gate with my employee card.

The internal service for the employees is amazing. I asked for a car and it was in the parking within less than an hour. I asked for new drawers and a garbage bin and got them after 15 minutes. Bureacracy? Forget it. Formal approval for the car from the department manager? Which part of “Formal” you don’t understand?! Don’t be silly, it can wait for tomorrow. Can it really be so good?

Nearly everyone here is religious. The great library has Bibles with Commentaries and Mishna Brura next to Java and RF books. A lot of cars have stickers and orange stripes on the antennae. I wish i could think about it as “friendly environment”, but to be real, it’s probably more accurate to call it “expected”. And in fact it probably cannot be very influential. Oh well.


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