Billions of People Wish They Had My Problems

It looks like the job in NDS is mine. I had to pass very funny tests – employee aptitude in Pilat and polygraph. Very funny, i tell you. And i passed them. Successfully. I really have a job. I still can’t believe it. But they already ask me whether i’d like a Honda, a Mazda or a Ford. Maybe the best answer would be: “None, thank you, i’d rather stay alive.” And right on the first week when i’m supposed to start working, the army wants me back for miluim. Problem? Problem?? With so many people not knowing whether their children will have something to eat tomorrow, no, this is not a problem.

I’ll remember this last few months as months of freedom, good time, being offline, beer, inventing new pasta recipes, learning to make humus at home, learning to play guitar (finally), spending a lot of time with Hadar, discovering the beauty of Jerusalem and a lot of stupid job interviews. I’ll remember those months as some of the best months of my life.

Thank you, God, for the past and for the future.


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