All the Right Friends

All my friends1 who read my pro-settlers entries were disappointed. I expected it, unfortunately. Daniel is on the verge of a total mental breakdown already without me telling him how much i love Gush-Katif and i’m sure i don’t help him much with that, which is regrettable, but inevitable. Noga says we should give it “a try”. Yeah, right. A few more “tries” like this and we shall all run away to Moscow and New York – those of us that survive this war, that is. It must be the only issue about which i’m pessimistic.

1 Except Hadar, of course, who’s too close to me to have an objective opinion about my writing. As for her opinions on the Disengagement – she was surprised when i explained to her that it’s mostly about removing settlements in Gaza. She didn’t know that. I guess it proves my point. I’m quite sure she’s not an exception.


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