OK, it’s getting bad. I need a job. I must work. I’m going crazy without it. It’s not about the money; i’ve got savings. I’m becoming corrupt and insane without a … framework? Freedom, about which i think philosophically so much, is a good thing, but idleness is just bad.

I sent some more CV’s and i went to a few more interviews. I’m getting better at it, i guess. The very first interview i went through in December (that seems so far away!) was a disaster, and after that i felt myself improve, and the last ones were even better than i would imagine, but still it doesn’t help me. Everyone needs someone for a full time job, and in this industry “full time” doesn’t mean 100%, but around 150%. It’s unfair and probably illegal, but we the “high-tech people” deal with it somehow. The trouble is that it’s no place for students, even slacker students like me. I have to go through this annoying filter of HR managers, which have rigid job specifications and for them full-time means full-time, even though the manager that looks for the employee might think otherwise. I think they count on them too much. But well, that’s me. It doesn’t convince anyone that i’m an experienced self-learner, that i don’t care working a lot of extra hours, that VMS and Unix are almost the same. And i mean … crap.

The last company that interviewed me, actually impressed me: the initial interviewer (the HR girl) seemed the most professional ever. She said, among other things: “Your CV really stood out among all the other gibberish.” Whoa, i must be getting really good at that and i don’t even have to lie. Although i told her that i’m mostly experienced with Windows and VMS she sorted me into their Unix/Linux team. When their Unix expert interviewed me, i did well … i think. Well, i did try to polish my Linux knowledge in the past few weeks. The interviewer said that he’ll recommend me to his boss. Still no answer from them though, and ten days had already passed. At least that interview gave me more confidence in all matters Unix.

And the search goes on…


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