Lazyness Murders Me

No, i swear i’m actually not too lazy to update. It’s just lack of muse.

So, what did we have? The thing with the government tender and the two companies and all is probably over in a weird sort of a “don’t-call-us-we’ll-call-you” — apparently the tenders people in the Ministry of Defence rejected my candidacy citing certain incompatibilities with some paragraphs in the job specification, which, come to think of it, was very weirdly formulated in the first place. One of the companies asked if i’d like to appeal, but i passed. Government proved again to be a dangerous and weird place to get by. The fact remains however — being a great VMS administrator in a country where almost no-one uses VMS is getting hard.

I did enter a new round of sending CV’s. I’m trying to think of a new strategy, but it still seems foggy. I’d say “time will tell”, but it’s the least right thing to tell; I must take assertive action. Blah blah.


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