I won, I won, I won

Searching Google today for “Amir Aharoni” brings up my Blogger profile as the first result. The second result is an Amazon.com page with all the record reviews i wrote. All the other Amir Aharoni’s, most of whom are board members of Israeli startups (and maybe it’s the same guy in all of them) come after me.

Bow down to The New Economy — I won the eyeballs war.


2 Responses to “I won, I won, I won”

  1. 1 Jon 2004-12-11 at 20:39

    Do you believe in love?
    Do you believe in destiny?
    True love may come only once in a thousand lifetimes…
    I too have loved…they took her from me.
    I prayed for her soul….I prayed for her peace

  2. 2 nev 2004-12-15 at 08:02

    err Hu? Never realized you had so many reviews on amazon….

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