This is the first entry in my blog which is written while i’m inebriated. I went out with Yisrael to the Back Door pub in German Colony. I’m really drunk. I can hardly type, but i promise not to fix this entry after i post it. It was fun. I drank: A pint of Beamish, which was tasty, but a bit too liquid (Guinness has better texture); a generous glass of Danzka which is my favourite vodka, and a bottle Hoegaarden Grand Cru, which was fabulous. I’m making a lot of mistakes while i’m typing, but again — i promise not to edit it after posting.


2 thoughts on “Inebriated

  1. i’m sure you were as disappointed as i after reading this (while being sober)… ;)

  2. either you broke your promise or you need to drink thrice as much next time….i mean, wow…

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