I Hear Voices

So, nev asked me to explain that poem i wrote. It’s called “Shouted Words 1”, which means that these words (or most of them) were “shouted” at my ears by an unknown entity. That’s right — i hear voices. It usually happens a few minutes before i fall asleep, so i guess it’s a kind of an “audio-dream”, but when i experience it i am quite aware of it. I asked a few other people if it happens to them and they said no. Maybe they just never noticed and maybe i’m insane.

The first time it happened, a few years ago, it sounded like all members of dEUS are shouting some song of theirs at me. Sometimes it sounds like my parents, sometimes like my friends and sometimes like myself, but most of the time it sounds like people that i don’t know. It can be in English, Russian and Hebrew and also in Gibberish and Unknown Languages (which are different things). Sometimes i like to think that it’s God saying something to me; it’s a shame i never remember it. This was the first time i wrote it down (jumped out of bed to do that!), hence it’s called “number 1”.

As for the words themselves — the first few lines were fixed by me to look like a poem, but the ideas are taken from the so-called “quality” practices of my workplace. The final lines (in italics) are written down word-by-word. That, i guess, is some kind of personal unconscious reflection on my strife to be more responsible and pedantic — the unattainable perfection; the omnipotence of slack.

I won’t translate it, because i can’t imagine translating dreams; i don’t think that i have the right to translate something that i created unconsciously. If you liked the “audio-dream” concept, you can just hope that one day i’ll have it in other languages.


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