It’s your turn to fight the things they say

My renewed gusGus obsession brings about these thoughts: I own more than 300 CD’s. Not all of them are favorites, some of them are almost never played. Among the ultimate favorites almost all were bought back in the time didn’t have so much money to spend and usually had to beg my dad to buy them for me. Post, In a Bar Under the Sea, Noise Only Noise. N., Nearly God, and even much-hated Pablo Honey — i know every single note on those records. It puts me in a very philosophical mood. I can draw some very depressing conclusions — for example, that rock was really never supposed to be enjoyed by adults and that one day i’ll stop enjoying it myself and also that having the means to buy music kills the anticipation and the excitement. I can also draw optimistic conclusions — that this all is only a preparation to something bigger.

To sum it up, take Vespertine: it is truly a great album — revelatory, innovative, beautifully written and performed, not overproduced. Add to that the fact that i am a huge fan of Björk. Then why have i listened to it not more than maybe 15 times, while i listened to Post probably more than 150? I can only hope that somewhere in the world there’s a 16-year-old kid that has the same passionate feelings for Vespertine that i have for Post.

I should offer myself as a subject of study to a Musicology student.


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