More blog template improvements

You really don’t have to read this entry unless you are interested in XML and HTML.

Now i’m strict XHTML 1.0. Not yet 100% valid, but that’s only because of the auto-generated blogger advertisement code. I complained to them about it. XML “validification” included:

  • Converting all tags to lowercase.
  • Closing unclosed tags like <br/>.
  • Dropping all <font> tags (thank God, finally).
  • Quoting all unquoted attributes’ values.
  • Converting the deprecated <td height> and <td bgcolor> into style attributes.
  • Converting all &’s in dynamic URL’s into &amp;’s. Apparently the links still work.
  • Also — the dates are written on a little different background now.

TODO: CSS validification. Currently it is very messy. And also — XHTML 1.1…


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