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The experience with Eldad “Pink” Eshel was interesting. The bassist was obviously not so interested from the beginning and went home after an hour — he is more interested in funk (like Jamiroquai) and Pink Floyd, but actual Pink Floyd, not what Eldad calls “Pink Floyd”. Eldad — and i’m not patronizing! — has a lot to learn himself. He plays keyboards very well and he’s incomparably better than me on the guitar, but his communication skills are less than average (which makes me wonder if Scientology could help him…) His songs probably sound very well in his head, but he has very hard time passing it on. His music is not Pink Floyd, it is close to Porcupine Tree at best. When he sang, we (me and the very nice drummer Uri) couldn’t hear him, so we told him, so he sang again, and we told him we still couldn’t hear him, he said: “But i shouted!” Well, he didn’t. But nevermind. I don’t want to get down on him, he has very good intentions, i wish him luck and i don’t run away from him.

The most important thing about it all is that i finally entered a rehearsal room, payed and played. I really should do it with Amit and Tamir. And i should get back to Eran “Gitara” Shar’abi too.


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