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The new version of BitTorrent came out today. My name is in the credits!


I submitted code to the Mozilla project. It is very simple, but important. Apparently there were no Firefox search plugins for Arabic dictionaries. So i made one – for the online Sakhr Arabic-English-French dictionary. If you have Firefox, get Sakhr Arabic Dictionary search plugin here! If you still don’t have Firefox, Get Firefox here first.

People Speaking – 10 Years

— “Mazal Tov … Even though I don’t understand why would you choose to marry when you can choose not to marry. Just kidding – there’s nothing like waking up after ten years with your woman and two children.”

I am Not an Early Adopter

I finally started reading “Speaker for the Dead”. The first few pages seem very boring, but then it picks up and becomes a wild pageturner. I’m just at the third chapter and it is getting more and more awesome. That Card guy has some very challenging thoughts about nature, life, death, mind and all that. Recommended.

Still Not Sorry

A year since i quit my previous job and sent a lot of CV’s and half a year since i started working here i’m still getting job offers about once a week.

Vegetarian Spam 5

I totally love this kind of spam, but i think that it would be the last time that i post it here like this. Enough is enough.

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Vegetarian Spam 4

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Fabio, part 2

The professor loved that paper about Italian syntax.

As the italians say – “Ah, ah, ah.”

In the Flesh?

Quick – what’s gonna be the best gig in Israel in 5756? dEUS, Mercury Rev, John Cage Cale? Maybe Depeche Mode? Don’t make me laugh.

Bow down to the pumpking of pumpkings.


I’m writing a paper about syntax usage in an Italian book – Fabio Volo‘s “È una vita che ti aspetto”. A day will come and this book with my numerous margin notes will be put in a library, and professors will recommend it to their students – “This was Amir Aharoni’s book, you should really check it out and learn from his margin notes how to write bullshit papers without any scientific value.”


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